Sweet Treats

1. The Girl on the Swing

Cupcakes and Cakes
Shop is open
Online ordering
Contactless pickup

Facebook www.facebook.com/thegirlontheswing/
Website www.thegirlontheswing.co.nz/t/online-store

2. Little S & P

Raw and baked treats
Online ordering / delivery

Facebook www.facebook.com/littlesandp/
Website www.littlesandp.co.nz/

3. The Cookie Club

Stuffed cookies and cookie cakes
Online ordering / delivery or contactless pickup

Facebook www.facebook.com/thecookieclubnz/
Website www.thecookieclub.nz/

4. The Kiwi Cookie Company

Online cookie orders/delivery
Based at The Olde Creamery

Facebook www.facebook.com/kiwicookiecompany
Website www.kiwicookiecompany.co.nz

5. Mamas Donuts

Shop is open
Contactless pickup or delivery
View menu and order here https://www.mamasdonuts.co.nz/

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